I messed up

IRL a relative recently did a trip from Munich to Bangkok. She said she was disappointed not to have seen the Himalayas when dark fell as she passed just to the south. I thought: “would she think I’m an av geek if I showed her IF’s version of her route?” Why not?
So…, casual server, Munich to Bangkok…except… messed up.

I thought it would be cool if she could see the glaciers in the Himalayas…but this wasn’t the flight

Departure from Munich was smooth enough.

Can almost hear echos of Mozart on departure out over Saltzburg(?)

Was it the music? I slept all the way through the Himalaya’s and through these outskirts of Bangkok…

Didn’t wake up till I crossed the Indian Ocean and hit the West Australian coast!

Somewhere in the middle of the continent; not on my flight plan…

No pressure. But gotta make a command decision.

A350-900 after all, and I wasn’t stingy on the fuel. So, from the foothills of Europe to the Fiords of New Zealand beyond the Tasman Sea. Flight is supposed to be infinite, isn’t it(?)

Hello Queenstown. (this is a do over I guess)


I’ve never actually seen someone post a screenshots about sleeping too late. Variety is nice.


Thank you! This was her actual arrival into Bangkok. You can see the A359’s winglet with Thai Airways symbol. I tried to roughly copy the same seat positon. Oh well…next time.


Heh, that happened to me one time i was flying from FRA to JFK but fall asleep for 6 hours, and so i crashed out of fuel somewhere over Arizona! 😅

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That’s a bit ironic for me: my first ever irl flight in a jet aircraft was flying from Arizona to Toronto (profile).

My question is, what kind of deep sleep was that because Munich to New Zealand is a good 17-19 hours…what happened my boy

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It was maybe the power of music(?). Caution against single pilot cockpits in the future!

But I only slept from somewhere near the Indian subcontinent to the coast of Western Australia. If from Mumbai to Broome, 8-9 hours? Actually, though it was further south than Broome.

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IF, besides engaging one’s aviation bug, is a fascinating way to explore geograpy. Related to this topic is the super interesting: Why Most Indians Live Above This Line - YouTube

The above kind of content helps intensify the interest of exploring these special areas with IF. The area discussed would be where my relative flew over, and is directly affected by the fertility of the glaciers in the Himalayas.

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