I messed up while purchasing the subscription...

I had the wrong email logged in for the Infinite Flight flying. I am looking to use the one I am currently logged in with because this is the one I set up correctly. Not sure if I can merge the two or transfer it over. Paid through iTunes and iTunes said contact the developer to get a response before they step in. I wasn’t sure how to do that so this is probably my best bet to get in contact with someone. Thanks

Sorry. I don’t think you can.

If you purchased the subscription with that e-mail you can’t transfer it over, you’ll have to wait for it to expire then purchase it on the other account.

If you do that, you would loose all your stats. I know the developers had the power in the past. I’m not sure if they still have it programmed to do so

That’s true

I ended up getting it figured out (I think). iTunes was able to refund it after all because it didn’t have to get transferred to a different iTunes account, just another IF email.

Refund your purchase using Apple Refund Page and then sign into your other account and purchase Live again using the refunded credit

Create a support ticket by following the links.

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