I mean, why?

Just a “GENERAL” question… Why is it that now every time i turn on infinite flight i have to switch from “solo” mode to “expert” server? Where as it used to always start you in the server you were last in? I cannot tell you how many times i have pushed only to realize my perfect flight plan must be lost… because I’m in solo mode?! Thanks guys! great update! Let the flood of HIGHLY CONDESCENDING COMMENTS BEGIN…


Felt that lmao


I don’t have this problem. Maybe it’s just an issue with your device. And that final sentence hit me lol 😂

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I don’t seem to have this problem, it always shows the same server I was in from my previous flight

If you have an Apple device you can just upload your FPL to files, then download back into the new flight. I use this trick a lot

Like everyone else, that hit me too


Hey, that is really cool! i did not know i could save my flight plan!!! can you show me how thats done?!!! I NEED TO UTILIZE THAT!!! 😃😃😃

well 9 times out of ten, i get talked too like im a 2 yr old by people here … and altho they may be correct the nature in which they reply is often questionable! But im highly interested in your solution to my delima!


😂🤣 It actually invoked the correct response!!!

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I would create a topic under support to get help for this :)

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Then you’ve totally misunderstood the purpose of Support - it’s for when you experience technical issues with the app. Not knowledge transfer ;)


Yup happens to me always. Especially when i quit the app when i’m on the logbook screen.


I can reproduce.

It happens when you change the tab, like going to the main menu, logbook, or ATC tab, it always ends up in the Solo World after these manipulation.

It doesn’t change when you stay the whole time on the same tab (with Expert selected)


Oh man, that happens to me a lot and I hate it. I can’t imagine if you did the full flight and didn’t get anything, lol

happens to me way too much, i only realize when i go to pushback, and i realize im all alone

Another way to realize is no ATC there, when you are playing at least on CS you got headphones below in the screen, so make sure you have those before flying.


It’s not big of a deal for me, (totally didn’t smash another iPad because of it)🫠

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THANK YOU! this i did not know! now i do!!! you rock!

THANKS GUYS! your input helped me out!!!