I made a yoke


I made this for IF. I might be able to make a how to video if you guys want. Sorry about the quality.


Does it have lateral control? 🤔


Yes it does.


Great Creation Looks Cool 😎


Very nice. Would love to see a how to video.


Same, this seams that it can be useful


I’ve actually wanted to do something similar for a while, I’ve just never got around how exactly to go about it, mind if I barrow a few ideas?


Now all you need is a cockpit ;)


Creative!Maybe you can do something like making a cockpit.


is it wood as the base material? My father is very good at making wood handcraft like that for example


Sure, I can also make the How-To video.


yes it is.


I actually made one in my closet. (very ugly and crude)


wow… This is beyond my imagination.

I am making Yoke 2.0