I Made a Video on How to Do a Near-Perfect Landing!

This is a pretty good video I think!


@JoshFly8 watch this


You don’t think , you know as you made it ! Thanks for sharing @Jiasong_Huang.


He’s trying to be humble! 😆


That WAS pretty good except for one thing…you never hit your thrust reversers until after the nose wheel touches down.


What he did is fine. Usually for the 777, pilots land with and hold the nose up longer whilst engaging reverse thrust without touching down with the nose gear. Check the video below. :)

Back on topic though, nice video @Jiasong_Huang! And good landing as well!


Ok…my mistake. I just thought the nose wheel had a tendancy to slam down harder on the runway if you engaged them too soon…but maybe not.

Nice landing!

He may have done a good landing, but he missed countless important factors.
Only relying on the points he mentioned will not let you have a perfect touchdown. Also, I think the points he mentioned are things that probably 90% of all IF users already know.

Not a good video in my opinion.

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Let me know whether to change the title back, but I thought the ‘found a video’ very misleading.

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It’s nice to know I already know the basics:-)

How long should I hold the nose and when to put it down after the touchdown

Nice Video! That landing looked just like my landings ;)

The landing looked like appr landing

Nice landing! Good video for beginners!👍🏼

Nice job. There’s sure plenty to add, but I’m sure some can benefit from this, thanks for taking the time. One thing I’ll add is that trimming up really helps a flare if anybody is struggling with that. At proper landing speeds (there are a couple nice threads here that give landing speeds for many planes) the heaviest jets tend to resist flaring a little, you learn from experience how much trim you need in a given plane at a given weight, and I usually set it as I’m going to full flaps on final.

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Ya I know that. Sometimes it’s just hard to hold the nose long enough.

Just long enough to keep it from hitting the runway too hard in my opinion.

Appr cannot do this well. I will never use appr except when I meet bad visibility.

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I think it can lol show is another one with all the buttons screen so we can see that your not using appr