I made a mistake

I am flying a Wow Air A330 from FACT and am having to divert to EIDW because of fuel. How can I prevent this in the future. I had 15:00 hours of fuel. FPLIF gave me a estimated flight time of 13:45.

Well, the winds can and do change, and I always pack more than 3 hours to spare on fuel. Be mindful next time 🤷‍♂️


There are many flight planners you can use which give you fuel amounts.

Generally I just go on to Flight Aware or some other tracking site, look at the flight time then put in 1-2 hours more fuel.

Ok, thanks

If you’re not already, it’s a good idea to step climb, especially because you sound like you’re a little heavy.

Assuming you aren’t already step climbing.


I can’t as I do the flights over school, so even more fuel then.

What was your initial cruise altitude and speed?

Just cruise at a lower altitude when you takeoff and leave it there while you’re at school. It doesn’t hurt to cruise at FL320 the entire flight and bring a little less fuel.


The amount of fuel consumed is directly affected by winds and the weight of your aircraft. What is displayed in the app, is a rough average. It is not taking winds and weight into consideration.

As you can see below, i can set the passenger and cargo weights to maximum and it will show 15:00hrs of fuel. I can also set them to absolutely zero, and it will still show 15:00hrs of fuel. This because the time value we display is average, and not that precise. It generally works quite well for shorter flights, but not for longer ones.


Ok, thanks. I ended up diverting to EIKN. 7,000 feet was plenty to land the plane.

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There’s also something positive to be said for the fact you diverted. Far too many would have simply crashed, and complained about violations, or flown into crowded airspace, and required controllers to help them, and leave behind other aircraft. (Which they’re more than happy to do, but it’s best to avoid the situation)

You could also use IF Assistant for plugging in the altitudes

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I usually just add 100% fuel lol because I never check where the winds are and the weight of the aircraft too lazy sometimes 😂

You can use SimBrief, it will give you correct fuel and best cruise altitude for current load and winds aloft.

If you have IF Assistant then you can program in the step climbs, so if you are doing a long flight whilst at work or overnight then you will be good on the fuel as per the planning. Fpltoif.com gives you pretty good figures. If you follow the heights, speeds and weights.

What rate will that climb?

At a rate that brings the aircraft from the altitude at one waypoint to an altitude at the next. The max vs is 5000 vs.

What!!!. Why is there so much. Can I spread out the climb over multipal waypoints?

Yeah. Simbrief and fpltoif help with finding out the specific altitudes and speeds for each waypoint