I’m writing a book!

Just wanted to see what y’all thought about what I’m doing… I’m writing a book called 7-7-0-0 about Northeast Air flight 1772 vanishing and weird things happening up in the sky, and on the ground and no one can figure out what happened


I liked your first title better.

Are you getting your inspiration from that textbook? You should make it that big in my opinion.

I like the cover though!

Lol. When I saw this I thought you meant like a novel. Like publisher and typing stuff.

I do mean that, this is just the prototype I plan on making it a real thing, that was just a sketch of kinda what the cover might look like

Oh cool. Then I am looking forward to the end result.😄

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Thank you!😁

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Is this a real event that happened? No criticism if it isnt (I couldn’t even write a book if I tried) but I spent a while googling for Northeast Flight 1772 and nothing. I even tried close versions to that incase you made a typo and still nothing. Like I said no criticism just curious. Good luck.

Oh no it’s not real, I came up with it!😂😁glad you asked😄 thank you!!


Still super cool that you are writing one.

Thank you!

Thank you!!

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Hope IFC members get 50% off🤣😂


This should be in the #real-world-aviation, Unless photos from IF are used!

Good Idea though!

Basically says it’s not real which means it doesn’t need to be in the #real-world-aviation category. Also this has been out for a few hours and the IFC moderators haven’t closed it yet so it should be fine.

@squawk7700 I hope you enjoy making the book.


That’s really nice!

Fantastic! I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you!!!

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Thank you very much!!

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