I’m too lazy…

Hello there, I’m really lazy but can someone please give me topics or something to be a really professional ATC, I have some experience and don’t want to join IFATC btw.

Also if you guys recommend the best camera for plane spotting and the cheapest, I have a Canon Eos Rebel t7 75-300 something like that.I heard it’s not good for fast movement so yea, planes are fast

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Check out the IFATC Manual, this will help you significantly with improving you ATC skills. :)

If you are aspiring to become a member of IFATC, I strongly suggest checking out this manual. I did it myself when I applied, and it helped me a lot on the written exam.

Good luck on your ATC endeavors!


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Well, I mean, IFATC is good practice if you plan on becoming an ATCer.

Really any topic in the #atc category will help you out.

I have a Canon PowerShot SX 540 HS and it has an extremely fast shutter speed, up to 1/1000 of a second if I’m not wrong so I’d use something like that.

Thanks will do!

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Just my two cents, but the best way to become professional is to join IFATC. It can be as small or large a commitment as you want it to be.

Otherwise, reading the manual and watching IFATCLive streams here are both great ways to get better!

I will look at them!

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