I’m thinking about making a VA

Hey, I have just started to make a VA just a few things.

• Make sure you have Loads if Time.
• After you apply you need to make sure you have everything together.
• Have a Website
• Application Form.
• When you get Accepted make sure you only hire STAFF.
• You can only hire pilots when you have been Certified.
• Have a Slack or a Discord 👍🏻

Hope these help and good luck with your Virtual Airline 👍🏻

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Should I start recruiting my Board of Directors now?

Have you been on the IFVARB website ( IFVARB.com ) and Applied?

Not yet. Im still getting my FRRs Ready

You can only start recruiting staff when you have been accepted by the IFVARB. That is stage 1 👍🏻

Let’s take this to PM

A mod can close this now

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