I’m thinking about making a VA

I’m thinking about making my own VA (Aer Lingus) however I have absolutely no experience with how the Virtual Airlines work. All I really know is what a VA is. Could someone explain this well for someone who has no experience with Virtual Airlines?


Aer Lingus is already pending approval. Looks like they are being reviewed now.

I would contact @Naz for any questions about that VA.

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Check out this topic on making a VA of your own!

Ok. Can I make up my own VA as like a name I just made up. Does it have to be a real airline?

Yes there are options to create your own VA it will just come under the fictional VA category

Ok. How does that process work? How do I apply? Is there requirements on the name?

Check out the IFVARB Website, as long as the name sounds realistic it should be fine

Would “Tanistic Air” be okay?

If its not on the IFVARBs website its alright.

Ok. But I still have little experience on making a VA how does the process work etc. On the website it says that I need to know how the IFVARB works.

Research I guess

I could help you if you want.

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It would probably be a good idea to figure out how the VA/VO community functions, and what makes a successful VA/VO before starting one.

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Should I make something like a document on my goals, plans, fleet, routes, etc.?

Yes thats the mission statment

It’s all on the IFVARB website. You will get an idea of the things I mentioned by joining VA/VOs and being active. Also remember that creating something like this is a massive task and will take a lot of time and effort. This is not something you spontaneously want to do and try to do it. Put a lot of thought into what you want your VA/VO to be about and then start creating one

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Yes, we are in the review stage of approval for Aer Lingus VA at the moment.

Before you consider starting a VA, You should have pretty decent knowledge of the process and how to run your VA. If you have absolutely no experience, you probably will have a harder time. Being the CEO of a VA is a lot harder than many think and it requires lots of consideration, time, and work. The best VA’s out here have had lots of time, energy, and effort put into them which is why they are successful. It’s better to be educated before starting the process as you will have a much easier time. Check this out as it will help you a lot. Best of luck!


Should I Start recruiting before I send in my VA into the IFVARB or should I send in my Mission Statement first?