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Hey IFC! I’m not sure what category to put this post in but I’ll just put it in general and see what happens. Anyway, I’ll share my thought. I fly with TUI a lot in IF, and I always felt like the colour of the light blue on the TUI 737 800 is too light. I’ll post two photos side by side so you see what I mean.

I hope these pictures prove my point. Also, if you look at the 787 with the TUI livery, the colour is darker and more realistic on there too. If everyone else agrees on this, I hope IF will change it soon.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rattling on, share your opinions in the replies!


I definitely agree with this, the tail on the IF version is a bit darker then the real one and the blue painting on the aircraft is a bit lighter.


There are a lot of liveries on IF where the colours look slightly different to real life. Sometimes this can be down to mistakes on the texture maps, but most of the time it is to do with how textures are rendered on IF. Additionally, there are factors such as the time of day, visibility and cloud layers which can make the same livery look completely different.

IF developers are constantly working behind the scenes to improve the graphic performance and quality on IF so maybe as this work progresses this issue will be resolved.


Well… I guess everyone forgot about this, it’s been a while haha. But just now I did a bit of editing to visualise what this could look like! It’s not perfect but at least provides a view of what this could come out to look like :)

Who else agrees that this looks wayyy better?

*Just for reference, here is the original picture:

I thought I am the only one realize the color of the livery changes due to weather conditions. Like the A330, all of them with white livery display grey and white.

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