I’m stuck on the loading screen...

Just now, tried a few times to load 2 different airports in solo, plus reset my device, and it’s not working. Anyone else?

Still not working guys, is the server down ?

Have you know, tried to close the app the do it again. If not then just do the normal internet issue then wait it out

I’ve reset my phone a few times and still not working. What do you mean internet issue ? My internet connection is fine

Are you android? Check for a new update and reinstall Infinite Flight. Screenshot please! :)

No Apple. Completely up to date software. if i reinstall the app will i lose my profile data?

You shouldn’t lose it. Try to reinstall.

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Yes I reinstalled it and its working now. Have to download all the aircraft again. Why would this happen anyway?

Not sure - a strange problem but at least it’s fixed now!

mine is doing the same :(

Have you tried reinstalling? Can we have your device please?

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