I’m struggling in A10

I’m doing an escort in an A10 but the speed won’t go up and it’s struggling to climb can someone help me

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What altitude are you at?

I’m at 11000 feet

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What speed are you wanting to fly at?

The A10 isn’t one of your stereotypical fast jets. It’s designed to fly low and slower since it is primarily a bombing aircraft.

340 knots but it’s stuck at 305

That’s normal. It won’t go too much faster. As I said it is a slower military jet. :)

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It’s using Max throttle just to maintain speed at 11000 feet

Yeah, as @infiniteflight_17 said it’s not made to go that fast especially at those altitudes.

So how fast and high should I go at

I suggest step climbing if you want to climb, the hog was built to get down and dirty rather than flying high and fast. I wouldn’t climb past FL120 since it really cant handle it. Try cruising at around 240 knots.


At 11,000 I would go maybe 270-80.

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I’m fairly experienced in the A-10 as a family member of mine worked at Osan AB in 2012 on A-10 Maintenance.

The A-10’s at Osan would fly averaging FL080 for missions and FL100 (West) FL110 (East) when en-route. They wouldn’t exceed 280kts IAS. Going over that limit would potentially damage the aircraft. This isn’t confirmed true but it is what I can remember when he was talking about his occupancy about a year ago.


Thanks guys, someone can close this

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