I’m starting a 300hr flight

I’m starting a 300hr flight, what aircraft should I do? The comment with the most likes I’ll do.


If you want to get looong hauls take a 777. If you want a challenge go with a MD11, cessnas are also available :D


Cessna 208 - Landings for days!

777-200LR, If you want to do it easily its either 777-200LR and A350-900 because they got the most range. But if you want a challenge go for something smaller, maybe a cessna.

If you can get your app to survive that long. Good luck.

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First of all, which is the device you will torture for 300 hrs?

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I recommend the Cessna 172 ngl its actually a long haul aircraft

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I would recommend and B77LR with 0pax and cargo and100% fuel with a low causing altitude

The poor device is the I pad pro

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Welp, good luck! See you on the other side of 300 hours!

I’m hearing a lot of Cessna’s


You should go with 172! I’ve done Japan to Seattle with 172, Boston to London with 172 before and it has fun!


Exactly its the perfect aircraft

I was surprised how far I was able to fly with one full fueled LOL

I personally would take the Boeing 777LR It’s an amazing Plane. 🛫 Have a Safe Trip. !

I see your trying to beat the 222 record.

2 options, slow aircraft, more time or fast aircraft, less time.

I’d go with either the 777-200LR or TBM-930.

Rip your ipad

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787-8 with no cargo or pax

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