I’m sorry I always get the category’s wrong

… sorry I didn’t mean to put my last post in the screen shots and video section

I don’t post that often and just wanted to share some screen shots.

I’ll eventually learn with category goes with.

So I’m sorry.


Great pictures!

Next time, I suggest using replay mode to get the best images! Here’s one I made to give you an idea:

(Contains filters)


Hey mate,

Honestly, these are great shots. Really liked it. Unfortunately, as the #screenshots-and-videos rules, The pics cannot show the HUD, buttons and dots.

Check this thread for more info:

Thank you! :)


Srry and thanks

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Happy to help!

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Also move this from the group flights section

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These are #screenshots-and-videos mate! -_-

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Im pretty sure that the post was originally on the #screenshots-and-videos category. You may check the 1st edit.

Anyways, not telling more.