I’m so done with the app crashes

I’m done that i can’t complete a single long haul flight because the app crashes. I was on final from KEWR to WSSS and suddenly the app crashed. When are you fixing this problem???


Hello, here is the latest update on the matter.

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I think that this topic would be on #support :)

Could it be device related? I have an iPad pro 2nd Gen but I can say once a month or so I encounter an app crash on long flights. There’s a support topic on this and possible workaround.

@KQA03 Read the post linked above by a developer working on this issue ^

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Hey 👋

The update should be fixed with the new update, which should be coming out soon.

Just to quote it was never fully confirmed for 20.1, but I imagine the developers will let every last squished bug go into this update.

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With how long 20.1 is taking, it’s probably that tbh.

Not trying to speculate or anything if that seems to be the case.

The funny thing is it always seems to happen on final. My app crashed on final approach of my 10 hour flight from JFK to Baku, I was pretty annoyed.

My game froze twice today before I even got to take off.

Is it just IOS devices that suffer from this issue?

It can happen on Android aswell @Cpt_Zorndy but iOS is more likely to be affected by this issue.

Yeah in all of my flying it’s never happened to me

Lucky :(

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Fly long-hauls on my iPad all the time following developers recommendations. Never had a crash. Just wrapped 16.5 hours of KDFW to YSSY. Beautiful sunrise landing.

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I have a Google Pixel 2XL. Runs IF phenomenally and better than any Android or iPhone. I haven’t experienced a single problem ever.

I do too, i followed the recommendations but as soon as a i was on final it crashed

The issue is related to the amount of RAM there is available on earlier models of Apple’s mobile devices. Apple is notorious for using reduced amounts of RAM in their mobile devices, especially tablets and phones. IF needs a pretty decent amount of RAM to function properly. They are working on a fix. I use an iPad Pro 2020 which has 6Gb of RAM available, which is enough to run IF. The reason Apple uses less RAM in their devices is because they simply don’t need that much to run their OS. They’ve been optimizing it for years to run as smoothly as possible with as little resources as possible.

This was literally fixed last week, probably a device issue.

If you check the Development page, it might help

@Esolis10 what device do you use?