I’m retiring from infinite flight maybe months or years

Hi everyone I’m now retiring pilot in infinite flight because my subscription doesn’t work but maybe for month’s or years I will not see you guys but I just want to say thanks for everything it have been great to fly with you guys and I hope I will see you again good bye 👋 I have tried everything it didn’t work that’s why I’m not playing infinite flight


Hello, I recognized your username from a support topic in which you ticked the solution box the other day. Anyhow, sad to see you go, but if community and staff can assist you in any way, we would be glad to help. Take care.


Thanks Levet

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Thanks for your service to fly passengers around the world. Happy retirement captain!



We’d hate to see you go. Have you contacted us by sending a PM to @support or an email to support@infiniteflight.com?

If not, please give our technical support team an opportunity to get you back in the air! We’d be happy to credit your subscription to make up for any lost time. We hope to hear from you soon! ✈️


Hey there Maxford! Sad to see you go! Best of luck for you and your future!


Thanks Tyler for helping me

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@Maxford write an email to the support team. They’ll help you.

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