I’m not sure I taxied through anyone.

See those tags right there? It looks like you taxied through Air Canada 002 Heavy

@Trio is your person. You can pm him for more information.

So here’s probably what happened:
The aircraft in front of you didn’t render in, even though in Trio’s eyes there was a 77W in front of you.

Not according to the map

It seems your map is more and more zoomed. And it denies you.

Probably because Air Canada disappeared on your screen (for whatever reason) and reappeared but you were already taxing through him

(takes a bit for the airplane to appear on the map from my experience)

Again, we are unable to comment on the situation as we do not have knowledge of the event, please contact @Trio via a personal message.


But your image is after the ghost, we can’t see what happened before:

But Trio can, so if he has an image to show you, he will via PM. We can’t help you.

Is there a way to upload the replay?

I’ll message you.