I’m not reconnecting to the live server

I’m flying a long haul from VHHH to KJFK and about 15 minutes ago My IPad disconnected from the live server,I’ve tried doing everything but nothing’s working (I really don’t want to end this flight because I am 10 hours in and have 4 hours left)

We had a similar issue two hours ago. Try switching your device into Flight Mode for thirty seconds and let me know of the progress.


Ok I’ll try doing that.

The live server still won’t connect.

This has happened before when i was doing EGLL - KJFK but I dismissed it because I was only a hour into the flight

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Seems like the connection might have dropped for a little time for this issue to appear (maybe). I’m afraid there isn’t anything else I can think of when you lose connection from the live server, except for leaving the flight.

How responsive is your internet (ping)? Maybe your internet provider may be not be fast enough to reach to your device. (This is not about speed, where even at 1mbps you will still be able to fly perfectly normally)

If not, this may have become an issue for the servers providing for Infinite Flight and the staff may have to take a look at. (Since this is happening multiple of times)

My internet is very fast,But If nothing can be done I’ll have to end my 10 hour flight in Yellowknife and try again tomorrow sadly.

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Let’s hope this won’t happen again since one other guy (linked Topic above) experienced the very same problem as you. Maybe @schyllberg might take a look into the logging system of your flight and check the ping. (Like he did in the previous topic).


I hope so,Cause it is starting to greatly annoy me Thank you for your time.


I don’t usually fly long hauls so I didn’t experience this issue. Although if I did I will know more (maybe) on what can I really do at such situation.

Is this happening a lot or is it a one time occurrence?

This issue has happened to me when I came back to IF a week ago and tryed to fly between KJFK - EGLL and 1 hour into the flight I disconnected,I didn’t mind it to much since it was only 1 hour wasted,But now it was 10 hours gone.So I’m trying to find a solution.

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Do you pause the app? Put it in the background?

Last time(Because My IPad is fairly new and i was still working out the kinks) I went into settings during my flight to find out where the control center was When I went back into IF I disconnected and waited patiently to connect again but I did’nt ,But this time my IPad informed me that it was on 10% and I managed to see it when it hit 1% and when everything was done I couldn’t reconnect to the live server.

Okay, that explains it.
The app is getting paused for too long. This happens then.

Sorry to hear.

Thank you,I am now getting ready for my next long haul.

Trust me on this If it doesn’t turn green after Five seconds by itself it will not go back online

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It’s a highly annoying issue when suddenly your long haul flight won’t be taken into consideration after a long time of flying🤦‍♂️… Happened to me yesterday when i was coerced to continue my flight in a solo-like mode…

Im having the same problem now. I just departed singapore bound for seoul alittle over 5 mins ago and my device just hanged and live server was disconnected


I have this issue as well super annoying.

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