I’m new to the community

Hey i’m new to the infinite flight community and i don’t quite understand the trust level. i want to be atc for expert server but it requires trust level 1 to contact the recruiter. someone help me ? thank u


below are some helpful links to get you started. This includes some information regarding trust levels and more importantly the how this forum works. We ask that you please take a look through this important material and understand these posts. A lot of hard work was put into these topics for new members like you. We hope you enjoy your experience here with us. Please don’t hesitate to message a moderator if you have any questions. And last but not least, have fun!

A Beginners Guide to the Forums

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

General Forum Guidelines

IFC Topic and Reply guidelines 2019


Just keep reading, liking and commenting and you’ll get there in no time. I suggest you read this:

Good luck on your path to IFATC! Maybe check out ATC training first.

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great thanks but how do i check my trust level hahah sry for being so clueless :-)

‘Clueless’ is the default state when starting something new.

‘Dumb’ would be not asking questions.

You’re doing just great. Keep those questions coming! We’re a good bunch here.


You can see your trust level on this part of your profile:

You can also see it on your summary if you scroll down but it won’t say your trust level as you’re a TL0

Hope you don’t mind me using you as an example @8Smartflying


Check out the Community Trust Levels section of this topic
As said above, you can find your trust level among your badges.


thank u guys so much u guys are really helpful

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welcome aboard buddy

Well hello! I’m kinda late but I hope you enjoy it here!

glad to be here :-)

thank you :-)

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