I´m new! My presentation and a doubt

Hello to all pilots and ATC!

This is my first message in the forum!. and I present you.

My name is Pelayo (playing IF as PelayoVA), I´m 26 from Spain, now living and working in Barcelona.

I play IF online since September ´19, improving my flights and always enjoying the game like other pilots.

Also I have a doubt and I pray looking for some help. When I wanted to see some replays of my flights, at the beginning of the video my airplane showed me without gears and going down tothe earth or going up to the moon.

I uninstalled and installed again the game and when I thought that the problem was resolved, all the replays (obviously) flew. There is any possibility to recover the replays? Are they on my mobile phone?

My bits from IF:

  • Number of flights: 47
  • Airplane most flown: Family A320
  • Airline most flown: Mmmm, 90% (Iberia and British Airways) others are AA, Delta, Copa and Vueling.
  • Longest route flown: PTY-MAD with a B742 Iberia, my 25th landing.
  • Most airport flown: LHR
  • Most route flown: I think MAD-LHR-MAD
  • Desired airplane on IF: Whatever, all are nice to fly.

My hobbies: Transports and logistics, play football, drive.

Thank you to read me and Good forum!



Welcome to the community, @PelayoVA, We’re glad you could join us!

Here are some helpful topics to help you get started with the forum:

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What do user trust levels do

A beginner’s guide to the forums

Welcome to the infinite flight community

General forum guidelines

We look forward to your contributions!

Regarding your problem, unfortunately replays cannot be restored after they’re deleted, and the going to the moon thing is a space glitch. Happens to everyone at some point :)


Hello and welcome to the community I hope you enjoy it here,

You are not able to recover them sadly as upon uninstalling the app it erases all data and files associated with the app. You can save them to a cloud storage service or even email them to yourself and save them elsewhere.

Also welcome to forum! Everyone here will help you throughout your time here and guide you in the right direction if you make a mistake or need assistance, if you have any questions or need help always feel free to ask anyone.


Lovely introduction! It’s great to have you here.


Welcome! There are many, many, many useful tutorials and tips that can help you improve your IF experience. Have fun! :)

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Welcome to the IFC

Many helpful tutorials can be found in #tutorials

Enjoy your time hear😉!!!

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Heading Welcome to the Community

We look forward to getting to know you!


I’ve gotta give it to you. I haven’t seen such a good introduction in a bit. So welcome to the community Pelayo, and enjoy your time here.


I totally agree. Welcome and try contacting #support or directly @schyllberg


Hello to all of you!

First of all, I want to say thank you for your warm welcome! It´s very nice to read you and thank you for your advices!

I think that my best solution is to fly more and more to have more replays and share with you.

See you in the sky!

Again thank you very very much, I´m happy to be in a excellent comunity.




But it’s a pretty cool glitch.


Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!

Hope you have a great time here.
Any questions, don’t hesitate to search for it, if not able, make a topic.

Have a merry Xmas.

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Welcome to the community!

You’ve definitely given yourself a standard here! I’m very surprised how passionate you are with detail!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask any of us! I think all of us who’s posted has given you a warm welcome, and I hope you’ll he on the forums regularly!

Also if it’s easier for you, if you have an issue with the game, (reports/ghosts go in #live), then post in #support:espanol and we’ll be happy to help in your native language!

Merry Xmas! ❤


Also @PelayoVA welldone on getting so many likes on your first topic!!

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Thanks mates!!

Happy Christmas!!

Welcome to the community!!! Hope you have a great time in the community.

Merry Christmas @PelayoVA

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