I’m new here I would like to know a few things

So I just joined the forums I would like to know a couple of things so the rivalry simulator Real Flight Simulators main discord community group has been raided multiple times by IF fans you guys I came here to see if the rest of the community is nice and not as bad as those raiders now I am A fan of both games I don’t have a preference but would like to know about the community I may even join a VA any don’t require pro


I never heard of the raid but I am kinda surprised once reading about it. I’m sure the community here is welcoming and friendly. In all honesty, I would not participate in assaulting another community especially if it’s from a competitior.


Hi and welcome! I think you’ll find useful stuff in the #meta:forum-guide categories, such as rules, guidelines, how to use the forum, etc.

Have fun! :)



Of course, we will always welcome you with open arms! That’s what the community is all about. Making friends, learning new things, and talking about our passion for aviation. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here!

If you haven’t yet, browse through the categories, read the guidelines, and check out the #meta:forum-guide category, it’s got everything you need to know about this forum.

The VAs/VOs are awesome! A lot of groups do require pro, but I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your needs. I’d recommend browsing through the #live:va category, as well as ifvarb.com.

On behalf of the community, welcome! We’re so glad to have you here. Feel free to join events, interact with the community, and post yourself! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask!


Trust me, this community is one of if not the best, most friendly community for any flight simulator. I’m sure those IF fans who raided a community group are a small minority.

Welcome, enjoy your stay here 😁


Welcome :)

At first I was just reading through. But I decided to join the IFC in Jun 2020. I can tell you it is one of the decision you won’t regret :) The community here is really welcoming and will try to assist any queries you may have :)

Hope you enjoyed your stay here :))


With any community there will always be small groups with bad intentions. Sadly it is the nature of the internet. We try to encourage the right thing and our community members do a great job escalating if something needs attention.

Have a look around, check out the tutorials, and maybe participate in some events. It’s odd how one little app could bring so many people from all walks of life together. Many virtual friendships were formed on the community. If you have any questions, fee free to ask.

Welcome. Enjoy your stay


Ignore the odd bad bunch of peeps you may see elsewhere, we’re all nice here :)

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Welcome to the community! I’m sorry to hear about the raids, but we’re above that here. 😉

Welcome! We are always here to help. We are all nice people. I remember when I first joined, I had a problem. I didn’t know what to do so I went here and asked, and got an instant reply. (Thank you @Altaria55 for answering my first question)

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