I’m New, Don’t Ask :)

No, I’m not new to the IFC. No, I’m not new to IFATC. I’m quite new to being a radar controller. Only being promoted within the last two months, I decided that I want to share some screenshots of when I was controlling at decently busy airports. These two were taken on the expert server, within the last month

KEYW Initial Approach
I had the pleasure of Opening Key West Initial approach during GA day recently in the southern Florida area. Receiving the frequency from a previous approach controller, we can truly see the variety of ways controllers work traffic in.

The pervious controller prefers using holds, while I prefer to use the door method. I feel that while pilots may be on a longer approach, they know they’ll get there soon, and there’s a lower risk of them being forgotten.

EBBR Approach
I had the pleasure of opening Brussels approach during an AAVA (@AmericanVirtual) internal event. While this event accounted for the bulk of the traffic, it was still great fun. I was able to get a really nice line going with the AAVA event being very well organized and choreographed


Wow that’s awesome!

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Whenever Key West is featured it gets insanely hectic, hats off to you for handling it


I had split initial and final approach with a fellow controller, so while it was pretty busy, I had less to worry about in terms of clearing pilots

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oh mate wow awesome.

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