I’m looking for ATC Monty

I was in Egll this morning and followed all instructions. Was prompted by ATC to takeoff and I did . About a quarter of a mile down the runway , was told to not takeoff when I’m almost at N1 . Than given a violation for not following instructions. Absolutely absurd . This needs to be cleared up . Unacceptable!

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Pls contact @appeals regarding violations that you think were given wrong.

You should send @Monty and @appeals a pm.

Thanks I surely will . Not cool at all . This is not what I paid for and I’m not a rookie here either .

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No need to pm the controller

I would pm the controller to discuss the violation because if the violation gets removed or even if it doesn’t you can still learn something and find out what you did wrong.

The appeals team will already do this

You do you.

I have messaged appeals , no way is some hot headed controller gonna do that to me . It totally kills the immersion for me in this sim when this happens as well as the joy

No need to be rude, everybody makes mistakes.

I’m not being rude I’m telling it how it is real talk and in my situation, I was completely dealing with a very confused controller about realistic procedures

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If you are almost N1, why didn’t you just follow the instructions and perform a rejected take off?
I would understand your position had you gone beyond N1 speed thus no chance to abort.

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