I’m just waiting for the a330

I appreciate the work the devs have done to get this plane developed and I understand the 757 was one of the most requested planes, but I honestly flew the 757 for about 10 minutes on solo and felt like that’s all I want to do with that plane, it just looks and feels so old and ugly to me. I know that a vast majority of infinite flyers love this plane for it’s retro feel and look but I personally dislike the plane and now I just find myself waiting for the update of the a330 and eventually the a380 which I’m very excited about.

Just was wondering if anyone else felt this way.btw I’m talking about the new updated 757

You said you flew it in solo only… I highly suggest you to try out the updated version, as its a completely different expirience as the one prior to the rework. its a absolute stunning Aircraft with up to date physics and a wide variety of Liveries to choose from.

before you just skip it and wait for the A330, give it a try, and I’m sure you will see its not the same as before

Kind Regards


I mean, the 757 is really nice, but I lost interest in it. I’m with you. I’m just waiting for the A330 update.