I’m joining ATC

Decided to join IFATC today after 2 years on Infinite Flight


I wish you well on your journey!

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Congrats on your decision and good luck!

Good luck! I only joined IFATC a few weeks ago and it’s been great so far

Is being IFATC hard ?

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Congratulations my dude!

I’m sure they’ll be absolutely thrilled to have you

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Not really but you have to work hard days for it and when your being IFATC!

The difficulty of being IFATC really depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put during the training process to learn all the fundamentals that will make you a great controller in the long run.

Remember though that not a single IFATC controller is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and there is always continuous opportunity to grow, learn and develop as an IFATC controller.


Best of luck! Hope to see in the team soon!

Good luck! The investment is completely worth it in the end. As long as you show dedication, you’ll be there in no time! I’m sure I speak for the team when I say we’d be glad to have you.

If you create a tracking thread, don’t hesitate to tag me. I’ll come when I can.

Good Luck !

I want to see you at the Team !

Best of luck @Ethan_Brown. Hope to see you in the team soon!

This topic may help you a bit :=)

Wish you well on your journey! I’ll be seeing you soon!

Good luck! Just remember, don’t be afraid just go for it and you will be great!

Good luck on ur progress, hope to see you soon

Just got my application denied have to get 500 operations i am at 160


Oww… keep control on TS

I am going to be at LAX Controlling sometime from 9 PM to 12PM central time

I would also strongly recommend creating an ATC Tracking Thread whilst you work your way up to 500 operations. It’s a fantastic way to gain some pilots at quieter airports, avoid the majority of aircraft not following your instructions on the training server and also pilots can provide you with some valuable feedback to assist in your growth as a controller.

Please check out the thread linked below if you are interested in creating an ATC Tracking Thread:

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