I’m interested in creating a VA

Yeppers. If an Airline finds out that there’s a VA under their name and logo, they can have it shut down

Then there are others that allow the name, but not the logo to be used. It all depends on the airline


No, it depends on the airline. Some are fine with it (British Airways) and some don’t allow it (Lufthansa).

Like @CR3W said, it’s up to the airline. If they suddenly decide to not allow VAs, they can have them shut down. Most airlines are fine with it, so VAs can be made based off of them.

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Thankfully Delta and southwest are

Or I would be in no va

What about an Emirates VA


Maybe a FlyDubai VA

Seems legit don’t think there is one


In progress.

There’s tons. It’d be pointless to go through and link everyone that you ask.

If you want to know if a VA is free for grabs or not, head to the database Here


Oh my god so many VA

Also make sure you review what VAs are already reserved and you can do that here

Boom Skywest VA

Yeah I need to wait for tl2

Woah woah woah, instead of thinking of every airline to see if it’s available, please check the IFVARB Database. There is no point of asking, if it’s already provided on a website that another user already provided for you.

Yes I already have I will be contacting the real airline soon and asking for approval and I will wait for TL2

To be clear most Airlines are more likely to legally inquire about shutting down a VA due to poor quality more than actual usage of the name. The quality of a VA has more impact on the brand than on the name of the website. If the website/VA looks very low quality it gives the appearance that the associated airline is of lower quality. A lot of the VAs on the list are banned by airlines because previous VAs had negative impact on the brand image. Not necessarily the IF based VAs but other VAs in the past.

With that said just because that a named VA is banned you can still incorporate the structure of the airline into your VA but name the VA another name as Nonstop VA drawing inspiration from Lufthansa.


Some that aren’t taken that have liveries in IF are…

Frontier Airlines - Based in KDEN - 1 A318 Livery - 5 A320 Liveries - 1 A321 Livery - and 1 CRJ 700 Livery

Asiana Airlines - Based in RKPC and RKPK - A321 Livery - A380 Livery - 747-400 Livery - 777-200 Livery

Northwest Airlines - A319 757-200 747-200 CRJ200 CRJ900 E175 DC10 Liveries

Those are just some since I don’t feel like going through all of them.

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This is so confusing lmao 😂 lemme think

I’d love to help!