I’m interested in creating a VA

Does anyone wanna help decide on an airline? and be co founders?

This should probably be in #live:va :)

Ok I will repost there

You can edit the category @November-Kilo16 :)

Doesn’t JetBlue not have a VA? That would be a good one!

Yeah I’m not trust level

You should ad VA in there aswell

They do have one

Yeah you’re right I don’t think so I will
Consider it

Oh really? I thought they closed or something

@November-Kilo16 you can edit your own post at any TL.

Oh ok perhaps virgin America :)

I think they have one aswell😂🥴

Make sure to check out the IFVARB’s website and see if the VA you want to make hasn’t already been taken and isn’t banned.

VA Database

User Watch List/Banned VA’s

You must be TL2 to post in #live:va. He’s TL1.

What about a Spirit VA? Don’t think there is that (but I was wrong about JetBlue so I may be wrong about this)

Oh, sorry @TaipeiGuru and @November-Kilo16.

There are banned VA’s??

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There is already a spirit VA.

Yes there is

Virtual Airline Name Status
Air New Zealand Banned
Flybe Virtual Banned
Hawaiian Airlines Banned
Icelandair Virtual Banned
LATAM Banned
Lufthansa Banned
Mokulele VA Banned

The the IFVARB website