I’m honestly confused- 8 violations? How?

So here’s the thing. I’m flying on the expert server and cruising at a speed within the limit. Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, the red connection error warning appears at the top-right of my screen.

Since my scenery is still loading in, and my internet is working perfectly, I assume it’s a problem that I can’t solve, so I continue my flight.

I land at Houston still with a connection error, and when I exit my flight I am left unrewarded of both hours and XP.

I then close and re-open the app in an attempt to refresh the app, and to my shock I am at Grade 1 due to 8 overspeeding violations.

I hope that a moderator sees this as I’m having a pretty hard time figuring this all out. The VA I’m in (and most active pilot for) requires all flight simulator to be completed on the expert server, and without my Grade 3, this is impossible.

If you weren’t connected then I doubt anything happened as it’s not connected however before it disconnected could you have picked up the overspeed violations? Furthermore have you done a quick restart to make sure it’s not an error?

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I have restarted the app multiple times and to no positive result. And the connection error said that everything was fine except “Live server” or something like that, and since my scenery was still loading in, I take it that a connection was still being made.

Well then something must have happened before it disconnected

Nothing did. I was sitting at the flight the whole time.

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Which camera view were you in and do you have helper messages enabled?

What speed were you at during climb and with what aircraft?


I was using the ERJ-175. My climbing speed below 10,000 MSL was 240kts IAS. After 10,000 MSL I climbed at 340kts IAS. When my speed changed to Mach Numbers, I set speed to 0.86. I then maintained 37,000 MSL as my cruising altitude.

My helper messages were enabled and volume was all the way up. I was in HUD camera view.

Mach 0.86 is way to high! You should fly like 0.81/0.82. The Max speed of a 787 isnt even that high.


It may be too high, but it’s not illegally high.

Looking back I should have flown slower but I was delayed.

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Did you have any tailwinds?

It’s below what we have set for overspeed though. Even if i agree with you, it’s irrelevant in this case.


No, single digit headwinds.

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What’s your callsign and display name?

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Callsign: MV77
Display Name: Cpt TC Mesa Virtual

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Have you done more than one flight today? I don’t think you received 8 violations for this flight. Looks like you received two earlier today. Then six recently.


The 2 from earlier today were my mistake and I take responsibility for them.

I’m checking one thing now… all i can tell you right now is that you were going 550kts ground speed at FL360.

@Cpt.TC - just trying to reproduce your incident here…

I’m at FL360, single digit headwind (6kts).
550kts ground speed equals M.93/.94…
Are you sure you changed to M.87 when you passed FL280?

For reference;


I can’t fully remember but I could have increased my speed to M0.90 later on. I would never even consider exceeding that though. The issue I had was that no warnings came before the violation, and even the violation itself never showed a warning.

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You would have to have quite more than single digit winds for it to reach 550kts though.

I’ll look into it and get back to you via PM.

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