I’m having trouble when turning on auto approach

Hi. Just a quick question. I tried the APP mode in autopilot meaning it will capture the glideslope and the localizer. But i notice that the glideslope indicator is too low. But when i turn off the Vertical speed it aggresively change the descent angle to capture the glideslope. Is it normal? But when i enable the APP button again the VS is set to auto by default.

If you asking if the VS is automatic, yes it is. If it Is aggressively descending it might be due to you having a high speed, Make sure it is somewhere around 180 knots in most jet aircraft when on approach, then slow down to >150 for you short final.

Here’s a video showing how to properly intercept the glideslope. Mark does a good job explaining. You should be slightly below the glideslope when intercepting.

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My speed was 155. But cant capture the glideslope unless i turn off the Vs.

Can you possibly send a video to show what you are doing? You can use the in-game recorder to record your approach.

I think its fine now. Just a few expreiment on flight controls. Thanks :)

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