I’m having trouble when it comes to approach

Hi I really hope someone can help me. I I’m having trouble when my destination is an airport with active approach or departure do what happens is that I request the approach to the airport and the atc tells me the first instructions and than after that all the planes on my screen start going unknown I don’t know what happens but I really hope someone can help me and I will appreciate it a lot thanks.

Hey there Toro! Could you please clarify when you say, “all of the planes on my screen start going unknown.”


I believe when WiFi starts going odd, the planes’ callsign, display name, altitude, groundspeed, etc. will become “Unknown” which is what I believe he is saying.

Make sure your connection is strong as maybe your device or internet cannot handle many aircraft in the airspace near you with ATC :)


I think he means when the I-G turns orange and it says unknown issue

I have it where the blue plane icons disappear I don’t know if your talking about that.

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