I’m having trouble making a voting poll

I’m trying to make a voting poll for a E175 livery but I don’t know how to do it.

You mean in #features?

Yes that’s what I mean.

This should help :)

When did you promote to TL2?

12 days ago.

@USA_ATC I’m having trouble understanding what that means.

Strange, you should have permission to post in #features

I do have permission I just don’t know how to make a voting poll for it.


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Click the 3 bars at the top
right when you start a post, then click the settings button, and select poll

No it’s like when you vote for a aircraft livery.

If you just post anything in features that automatically comes up as an option to vote for it

Polls in a feature request is not necessary. Thats the purpose of voting at the top of the feature request.

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