I’m having problems updating

I stopped playing IF in late 2020 as it was getting boring due to updates being far between and content not to good. But as 20.2 came out my interest in the game peaked so I got it on my android. Here is where the problem start. I meet the requirements for IF. 64bit processor and a Android 10 device. But for some reason I still can’t update the game. It works fine on my iOS device (which I don’t like using) but it doesn’t update on android. I’m on the latest version of Android. Also on the play store there isn’t a update button. What should I do?

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Which device do you use?

For example: Samsung S10, IPhone 12 Pro… etc

I wish I could help you with this, but I am only familiar with Apple OS (IOS), not Android. Can someone jump in here for me to help this fellow out? Thanks.

Oh lemme go check.

Sorry for double reply lol. Probably shouldn’t have said lemme go check but it’s a Galaxy Tab A

Unfortunately, that’s your issue. The TAB A runs a 32 bit Operating System. You won’t be able to download IF builds beyond version 20.3.

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Ok I thought 64. Looked my specs and it said 64. Alright well thanks! Bit sad but at least I still have my iOS. See if I could trade it in for something with a 64bit operating system. Anyways the answer is now resolved ig so someone can close this topic.

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