I’m having ATC comm. issues, what should I do?

Every time I which to approach or tower during my arrival into the airport I can hear them but they can not hear me. I do not know what to do. Any suggestions?

hi @Percell_Jackson,

Unfortunately a few users have had this issue in the past with a few things that point towards a solution…

Reasons that people have been unable to communicate with tower/approach

  • Leave the app mid-flight
  • Poor connection to the server
  • Using LTE or cell coverage for flight, many areas can’t sustain a constant connection and thus you get disconnected
  • Flying with a poor wifi connection (literally sometimes this could be being too far from your router
  • Not being updated with a current phone or IF update

Any of things point to maybe being something you’ve experienced?



I’ve seen several topics as such. If you know, for sure, that they can’t hear you, just follow instructions and land. IFATC will usually not ghost you unless you are interfering with traffic. If you are still unsure, just end your flight. I am 99% sure that this bug still persists.

Regardless, make sure to take plenty of pictures; they will come in handy in the case you do get ghosted.

If this happens, you have a couple options:

You can divert, and land somewhere without ATC.

You can continue inbound and follow instructions. It’s likely that you will be on guarded, and ATC may give you vectors to see if you listen. It’s important that you follow ATC direction, even if you cannot respond. IFATCs are aware of this issue and work to accommodate pilots who are facing it.


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