I’m gonna find me some aliens

So here I am by Area 51 going alien hunting


Hey! Make sure to remove the HUD from the picture, otherwise it will get closed. To do that, you go into replay mode and hit the camera icon when you want to take the picture. I suggest you take a look at this topic.

Oh ok sorry about that I will do that now

Hehe, a little to late for that!

Yeah and I can’t delete it so just take down whoever moderator sees this 😔

@Marc come get your first topic to close


There’s no need to be upset, you can always go to replay and get a better picture without the HUD!

If this flight was recent, go to Replay, and you can take screenshots in there :)

Once you’re done, just replace the current one with the better, more cleaner picture :)

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I will keep tagging @Marc. Marc Marc Marc Marc!

jk please don’t hurt me

uh oh theres one now

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Duplicate Justin :/