I’m going to be broke at the end of 2024

So this year ain’t going too well if ima be honest. It’s only the 7th day but oh lord is there some drama.

Anyways, I’ve decided to do this thing where I fly to a new airport in the US at the end of every month. Why am I doing this? Why not! You only live once and i’m trying to keep myself distracted.

How does this work? So at the start of each month I make a post on Instagram and it’s a poll. I’ll post 4 airports that i’ve never been to and whichever 2 are the most voted they’ll go to the final round. Here’s an example:

  1. Santa Barbara (2votes)
  2. San Francisco (4votes)
  3. San Diego (8votes)
  4. Las Vegas (8votes)

Now San Diego and Vegas are the 2 highest right now. On the second week of the month i’ll make a poll for those 2 and whichever wins i’ll book a flight there and back in the same day.

So yes, i’m gonna go very broke but it’s okay. I’ve got a job, im 18, i still live at home, etc.

Hopefully this goes to plan and works out! Should I do polls on here too? Lemme know!


I’d save my money if I were you xd


Dang. That’s going to be expensive! But it sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy this!

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just saying this is a really really bad idea at 18


was thinking the same thing


Sounds fun! Don’t dig a hole in your wallet though lmao

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I wouldn’t do that tbh. Flights are crazy expensive nowadays, especially to not even spend time where you flew to… whats the point?

Being honest, there are better ways to spend money. Posting pictures on the IFC is cool and all, but it wont give you anything in return.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but dont get into debt for no reason. It is super easy to get into but really really hard to get out if you dont have the resources.


this ‎^^^^^^^

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If you want to fly a lot, look into aviation as a career. Spend money towards something you can achieve, such as your Private Pilot’s License.


don’t waste your money and time just for a flight to somewhere you’re not even going to be spending time at. i don’t think its worth it


Sounds awesome! Don’t be discouraged, if you have the money go make some incredible memories!

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like if you’re gonna be spending money to buy a flight you might as well make it worth it and go for a holiday too

Have you considered working for an airline?

With non-rev standby benefits, you can fly for free. If you work for United and live in Los Angeles, you could probably fly to all 4 of those airports in 1 day.

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FYI some airlines offer Ramp/Gate Agents nonrev travel benefits like pilots and flight attendents!!

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dont listen to these naysayers

if its something you enjoy doing, follow your passions


What happened to letting people live there own lives…

Seems like a cool thing. I wouldn’t have the time (or the money) but if you have the opportunity go for it. Seems like a cool way to explore the world and make use of some free time you might have.


Honestly I love this idea! Maybe I should make an Asian version haha, but all kidding aside (you have no idea how tempted I am cause travel in Asia is cheap) I will definitely be keeping track of this!

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there’s a difference between telling people how to live their life and giving them advice

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I for sure have the money and the time!

I’ve been working for 2 1/2 years and i’ve got a great amount of money saved.

Plus i’ve got the time now that she’s gone 😏

but yes, this’ll be fun. i’m just enjoying my life while i can!

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