I’m finally flying an American airline (100% real, caught at 3 am)


Welcome I guess

So, some German dude who only flies Lufthansa tries American Airlines…


that livery do be looking 🔥

takeoff from KSFO 👌

Swiss alps but they aren’t the Swiss alps…

Buttering the bread at Honolululalalala

Taking off with a school pencil wasn’t that easy

Los Angeles

not good landing but also not terrible. I would rate 5/10

oh my goodness who had the idea to build this gigantic terminal
I love it

Conclusion: Pretty good, 767 was piece of cake but 757 more difficult. I do rate 8/10

Server: Traning
Plane: 767, 757
Airline: American Airlines AA
Flight number: 518 and 519

Now goodbye 👋🏻 thanks for reading!


America: we decided to keep the “u” in “glamour” but take the “u” out in “color” we use Fahrenheit, miracle I could spell it, where 32 degrees is freezing and two hundred something is boiling.
Of course we use miles, 5,482 feet. (A foot is 12 inches if you don’t know what an inch is in centimeters, a true American still doesn’t know.
Of course you may and probably ask, “why is this so complicated?”
Because our founding fathers decided to make everything different. Trust me, you get used to it.
And you might ALSO also ask, why we didn’t help England for the first 2 years of WWII. Well we did, but we didn’t fight. We’re peaceful.

Unless we see oil.

That’s your lesson on America 🇺🇸 people!


there’s a story that a ship headed to America for Thomas Jefferson, carrying a demonstration what is now the metric system was sunk by british privateers.

Dang it! Scammed again…

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