I’m currently doing my longest flight..

i’m using A388 from Singapore to JFK. it’s just been a hour and sooo 17 from now is 11:00 EST… Hopefully I ill be able to land safe and sound…I might have to land half way to get some fuel last because the “ETE to Dest” is red…soo yeah…what y’all think?


You might want to step climb. Descend to like 30,000ft now, climb to 32,000ft in 4 hours and etc
And 0.86M is way too fast. You’ll be losing more fuel at that speed than if you were going 0.82M


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Hey there. While this post is a neat one, you might consider posting it here:

why thou?..”just got a lil understanding”

So you will save fuel. Burn less fuel so you can arrive with a safe amount of fuel.
Like I said above:
And 0.86M is way too fast. You’ll be losing more fuel at that speed than if you were going 0.82M

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At those lower altitudes, it is easier for your engines to operate at your weight. As you fly, you’ll burn fuel, becoming lighter, thus putting less train on the engines and allowing you to climb higher to attitudes where the air is thinner.

Check out this tutorial from DeerCrusher:

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how i get it… i was using this post recommended speed check it out

Have a read of this. If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re a helpful community

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Thank you guys…i didn’t know about “step climb”…i’ll make sure it read it all because i rather save fuel and fly directly than landing in route to get fuel.

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Happy to help. If you come across any questions, feel free to message me or any other Regular. We’d be happy to help out

I’ll surely will. thank you. 😊

Hey Jeremy,

In addition to the link that some folks linked regarding step climbing, I happened to notice from your screenshot that you didn’t have the aircraft trimmed out.

Trimming the aircraft will reduce the amount of back pressure required on flight control surfaces. In this case it’s the elevator on the horizontal stabilizer. By trimming this out, you’ll see an increase in fuel economy. In other-words, by trimming you’ll be able to fly longer and further than if you didn’t. What I’ve told folks is to trim until the magenta line disappears when in level cruise flight. Don’t be alarmed if you have the trim set at 70 or 80% (trim settings for the 747-8) or 50% (for the 787 family). It depends on a bunch of factors (weight primarily) and will vary based on the aircraft that you fly. In the A380’s case you’ll probably be close to 40%. It’ll be a trial and error type of deal until you find that “sweet spot”. I’ll link a topic below that kind of shows how, and where this trim setting is. And the affects that it has on your aircraft in flight. Best of luck, have fun, and I hope this little information was of some help.



Good luck! Looks like fun!!

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I made a thread for post like this :D! But yeah flight seems cool, smooth flying sir.

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Do you reccomend flying in night while I am sleeping? I afraid my tablet will overhit or get destroyed…

@rubinedan I have the app infinite passengers and I do a lot of my long haul flights at night and my shorter flights during the day time. Currently flying from KSFO to LSZH, I just make sure to get to my cruise alt and speed and let her cruise thru the night and so far I’ve had successful flights. Haven’t had any issues with my iPad overheating. I prop it up to let it have air move around the tablet rather then laying flat on the table.

But I afraid my tablet wont survive it, it will overheat or even get burned…

I mean I have an older iPad and it does get a little hot, but once the app goes into low power mode it does tend to cool down since it’s not working so hard

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Screen brightness is one of the main causes of devices heating up sooo - dim screen after ATL and cruising IAS is set…another thing connect it to power, iPad stop charging when it full soo they’re no overcharging and heating up, and what else mhummmmmm…mute it, if you think the plane noise is annoying, which i don’t…and turn on do not disturb incase you have phone call set up on your ipad like me…