I’m Bored, So Here’s Some Pics | KDFW, KLAX

Title says it all.

Camera: Canon Rebel XS

Lens: Pics 1-6, 9, 10: 55-250mm (forget model)
Pics 7, 8: Tamron SP 70-300mm

Shutter Speed: F/5.6 for all of them, I believe.

All of these pictures are edited.

1) Japan Airlines Boeing 777-300ER (JA773J)

Airport: KLAX
Taken: 29 July 2019
Location: Parking Garage, 6155 W 98th St.

In my (almost) 5 months of spotting, I believe this is the first time I’ve caught the strobes on.

2) Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 (N520AS)

Airport: KLAX
Taken: 29 July 2019
Location: Parking Garage, 6155 W 98th St.

Not really much to say about this one. I tried to bring out the contrast between white and black as
much as I could.

3) Singapore Cargo Boeing 747-400F (9V-SFM)

Airport: KDFW
Taken: 17 June 2019
Location: Founder’s Plaza

This pic is one of the three pics that DFW Airport asked me if they could post on their Instagram. This was also the first time I caught this, too.

4) American/TWA Boeing 737-800 (N915NN)

Airport: KDFW
Taken: 30 April 2019
Location: Founder’s Plaza

This is the only time I’ve ever gotten a shot of this
aircraft. I’ve seen it four other times, but did not have my camera with me.

5) Sun Country Boeing 737-800 (N805SY)

Airport: KDFW
Taken: 09 June 2019
Location: Founder’s Plaza

I believe this was one of the first times I got out at golden hour. I would have preferred the Tide Pod One livery, but oh well.

6) American Airlines Boeing 737-800 (N986NN)

Airport: KDFW
Taken: 20 May 2019
Location: Founder’s Plaza

I’m 1000000000% positive this is the best edit I’ve ever done, hands down. Shame that it had to been on the most common plane and livery in the sky.

7) Korean Air Cargo Boeing 747-8F (HL 7609)

Airport: KLAX
Taken: 28 June 2019
Location: Westin Garage, 5345 W 102nd St.

I tried to bring out the blue on this one as much as I could. The lighting was a little bit wonky, as well as the shot being a tad frontlit due to the sun’s positioning.

8) American Eagle Embraer E170 (N276NN)

Airport: KDFW
Taken: 22 July 2019
Location: Founder’s Plaza

Not much to say about this one, either. There’s not much editing you can do for the platinum-ish color American has, except exposure, contrast, whites, and highlights to give it a little more whiteish color. Saturation and Vibrance is your best friend to bring out the little bit of color on this livery.

9) American Airlines Airbus A321-200 (N153AN)

Airport: KDFW
Taken: 10 June 2019
Location: Founder’s Plaza

I tried giving it a golden tint and I think it really
turned out well.

10) American Airlines Boeing 787-9 (N825AA)

Airport: KDFW
Taken: 02 September 2019
Location: ~866 ft E/NE of Founder’s Plaza

This was my first time shooting from this angle (well, the third plane actually). It’s an @AndrewWu inspired angle, and I really love it. I later learned that I didn’t have the proper shutter speed, so the front of the aircraft is sharp while the back isn’t. I spent an hour and a half shooting from this angle, and in a field in Texas heat (yes, it’s still hot here, the high temperature tomorrow is 100°, kill me now), but in the end, it was so worth it, as I absolutely love this angle. Now I just need to learn how to pan and take night pictures.

Hope you enjoyed these pics.

Go and check out my Instagram for crap quality shots like these (thanks, Instagram! I love you too!).


If you want actual good quality photos, go check out my JetPhotos account. I currently have one picture published and four in the queue.

My picture approval rate is 100% so technically I’m a god


Nice pics and I hope you enjoyed your stay. 👏

Now this is a great shot of a beautiful Cargo jet. Great catch!


Loved that one too! 👍

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Make that three that like the same one.

f/5.6 is your aperture and not your shutter speed :) shutter speed would be 1/500 of a second or so

nice pictures anyway

Realy nice

it’s funny how I cant even take such good pictures when I’m in a good mood…

Incredible pics mate, I agree with @Kuba_Jaroszczyk that B747 is stunning!

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk @Ondrej @Qantas094 @Luke_King-kong @anon24319801 Thanks!

@anon74338071 Ah, yes. F-Stop is what I meant.


Nice pictures!

I am about to move back to the DFW area in a few weeks. Maybe we can organize a DFW meetup and hang out at founders plaza on a day they are landing from the North once it is not so booty hot out.


Ah, that’s why my photos stink, I’m only 865, and a little bit more NE… 😂

I love the SIA 747 and the AA 787

I’m sorry, HOW?! Can’t even compare to my pics.

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@Chris_S Thanks! That would be cool! You’re gonna hate it when summer comes back (or it might actually still be here by the time you get here lmao. Unless there’s a storm or something, they almost always land on the North side:P)

@KPIT but you’d be standing next to me :o

@Aviation360 Thanks!

@ButterMachine perhaps it’s because your name is ButterMachine instead of GreaseMachine lol


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