I’m bored, anyway here are some pictures

I’m bored, so here are some of my photos they never made the cut.

JetBlue 220. What else do you need?

KLM moonshot somewhere over Holland

Red hot spicy at Udaipur

American dream at San Francisco

Alright that’s it. If this gets some good feed back I’ll do Part 2

Nahh who am I kidding, I’ll do it anyway


These are some amazing photos!

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Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed

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Do I recognise a couple of those flights? hmmmmmmmmm… haha

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Hmmmmmm I wonder why

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Hmmmmmm, curious indeed, must be just imagining it, stunning shots regardless!

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Thank you and yes very curious

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Cool edit on those pics!

Great job on the photos! The American Airlines one is my favorite! :)

Thank you :)

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed them

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