I’m Back

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Howdy! Hello! Aloha! Although I am not a well-known community member, I am apart of some VA’s that might’ve questioned my absence. This topic is not to apologize to the VA’s, but tell you what life has been like for me the past few months. It all started on December 14th, it was the first full day on Winter Break, and I was flying a ton! I’m talking about maybe 5 short hauls during the day, and a huge long haul during night hours. I kept this up for about one week, until I came down with a super-serious cold. I don’t want to get into detail, but there was tremendous pain! This lasted all through Christmas, and I haven’t even touched Infinite Flight. I logged on to my VA’s chats, but never really said anything. I came on the forums maybe twice per week, just to check what’s trending. About a week later, I started to see some light, I was finally feeling better, until everything was shattered when I had school the next day (Started school on the 2nd of January). Ever since then, I’ve been working my butt off in school, and strangely haven’t been on infinite flight a lot. Although many of you have no clue who I am, I would just like to announce that I am back, and feeling better as ever. I plan on getting involved more within the community, and meeting some amazing people!

I hope you all had a wonderful winter break, and I hope to see you flying! Cheers to a new year, and a new start!

All VA’s I am apart of (you know who you are) have been private messaged.


Welcome back! Happy to see your well again. Keep 'em wheels up! :)


I’m glad you’re all well again. Cold’s are really bad and sounds like you had a terrible one. Glad you’re healthy again

The most notable change since you’re gone is an expert server requirement change,

I do suggest you give it a glance so you know what new rules there are. Once again welcome back!


Yes, I did notice that as I popped in a couple times. Thanks for the friendly reminder, and for the warm welcoming :-)


Keeping them wheels up as always! Happy flying, :-D

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Welcome back. Hope your up to good health, and I’ll see you in the skies!


See you in the skies, and thanks for the welcoming!


This is a mite hyperbolic, I must say. You don’t want to know what actual “shattered” feels like.

It is nice that you’re back, but I think everyone knows where this is going as people awake. I’m not sure it’s the greatest idea in the world, but up to you.


That’s true, I understand. But just being sick the whole break, and finding out I had school the day after I got better was just heart breaking haha.

Welcome back, read up to catch up :)