I’m back on live

G’day all I’m back on live as of today, I just got a subscription and am now most likely going to open up on training server at JFK for 30 minutes you may come down and do some patterns but just keep in mind I’m not the best at controlling nor am I training for IFATC, I am planning on hosting some events in the near future.

Even if you not are going to train for IFATC, I recommend you to still do am tracking thread :)

I wish you good luck with that

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Thanks mate

I dont recommend that considering they’re solely for those in the IFATC pipeline.

I currently have someone just sitting on the runway with there frequency on Heathrow ground

But if not it will just clog up the forum, as in a tracking thread he can announce with the standars others have, instead of making either different or just say, “hey I’m open” in this thread

We have Community Standards for a reason, if you want to discuss this further then PM me.

Tracking threads are for the use of those joining IFATC, he shouldn’t be announcing the fact he is opening TSATC unless he wants to join IFATC - End Of.

Refer to this link if you have issues - About ATC Category

Anyways, I’m back on live isn’t a suitable title for atc announcements

It’s just to say that I have got another subscription and you will now see me on the servers

Later on you can come help me out with LAX Ground, It’s pretty difficult being Tower when there is no Ground.

I will, but after I finish at JFK im doing other things.

Take your time, Whenever you can just let me know!

Wilco mate.

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Could I please get 8 people at YSSY in 10 minutes on the Casual Server, only in the Airbus A318 ACJ livery 1 and the Boeing 747-8 in the BBJ livery, please check diagram for gates.

I have taken Cargo 1-01

Please reply if you are going to be there.

Not sure what this topic is about… seems to be a number of things that should be separate topics.