I’m back in grade 3

I’m in grade 3 again no need to reply know


Can you provide a screen shot of your stats screen? If its been a week you may need to wait until later today for it to clear out.

A quick flight in a Cessna should update it

@Thanh_Hoang Was this in Australia (YPAD or something like that)?

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If the tower didn’t approve pushback, why did you do it?

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Lets let the OP reply. No need to pile on.

We need

  • screen shot of stats screen
  • callsign
  • I assume you were on expert server?

He approved pushback then said hold position

I am still waiting for answers to the above questions.

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Maybe it’s cause you can’t folow simple instructions 😏

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Did you continue pushback after he said to hold position?

Eh just let the kids figure it out they obviously don’t care for the answer. Someone said ghost so we need to find that out first 🤦‍♂️

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@Thanh_Hoang was it in Australia? I was controlling there when blu games cam. If it was there pm me I can help explain why you got ghosted…
This airport.

Now I’m intrigued do explain! 🤔

I could explain why I ghosted if he really can’t understand…
I know he’s also having another (bigger) problem.

No one’s asking why he was ghosted, but I’m curious on your explanation for that airport you can pm me with it.

If you think you got ghosted unfairly, I would contact the ATC controller for further questions/explanations, if you do not know the controllers name on IFC then I would contact a mod.

Usually a quick flight in casual does the trick, otherwise I’d wait another day and see if it goes away. As mentioned above, screenshot of your table chart would help loads!

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If you want to know WHY you were ghosted, please PM @Captain_Zen.

If you try to fly and cant access expert server, again, please provide a screen shot of your stats table. If everything is in order in terms of ghosting and violations, do as @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF said and do a quick flight on Casual to get some XP and exit the game cleanly. Then try again. Otherwise the stats table will show if you received more violations or something that is preventing you from flying.


I fixed it I’m back in grade 3