I’m Back // Gorgeous African Adventure

Gorgeous African Adventure

As many of you may know, I cancelled my subscription about 4 months ago. Well, with the 777 done and 757 on the way, I decided to mosey on in for another month.

I purchased a new subscription (hence the casual server lol) and took to the skies not 10 minutes later.

I flew this route (LFPG-FMMI) with a close friend here on the IFC, @Canadian_Aviator. He seems to have slept in however and is currently overflying the Indian Ocean… 😂

Enjoy the pictures!

Server: Casual
Time: 9:58
Aircraft: Air France 77W 🇫🇷

Parked at the gate, @Canadian_Aviator closing the doors and me finishing my final checks!

A speedy takeoff and we are now climbing above the French countryside.

Nyoom past Italy.

Cockpit view of the last bit of land before we jump over the Mediterranean!

First glimpse of the African Grasslands. Toto - Africa casually plays

As I sneak off to the bathroom I grab a picture out the window 👀

Meanwhile my first officer is grabbing this jem of a photo out the cockpit windows, over Madagascar now!

Gear down, flaps full.

Not my favorite picture, but the beast touches down on runway eleven. Not bad considering it was my first time landing the 77W! A little floaty lol

A ramp agent captured this as he heads to unload the suitcases from our hold.

FUN FACT: I have never done a full flight with any of Infinite Flight’s reworked 777 aircraft. This was the first!

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Thank you so much, and have a nice rest of your day!


Casual server lol. I love the pictures!


Thanks mate!

the fact you are on casual server and not doing Barell Rolls is impressive lol. Anyway, nice pictures, the first one at the gate is my favorite!

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Great pictures! Sorry I could finish the flight

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All good dude 😂

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Wow! These are awesome

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Amazing pictures of an amazing plane.

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To me the 2nd one is by far the best one! Good job on a successful flight!

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That’s my favorite too ;)

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Nice pictures

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I love the second picture! It really shows the grace and beauty of the 777-300.