I’m Back, And I Am Excited To See Everyone

Not sure if you guys remember me, but I have been gone for a while. But I am happy to announce I am back, and will be active very soon. <3


Welcome back to the community!

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Welcome Back To Infinite Flight!

Great To See You Again !

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Welcome back! If there’s one thing a lot of us might agree on, we love seeing those gone for a while return.

Be sure to catch up on things while you’re at it! 😉

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Yeah lol working on not crashing planes rn and getting used to the feel of using the controls, etc.

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Just returned from a 3 year hiatus myself. Glad to see you back!


Wow, 3 years hiatus? @mattrich You got a lot of catching up to do but welcome back! Grade 1?

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Grade 3 lol

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You must had a hard time for a while figuring out stuff flying again😂


Haha, came just like riding a bike surprisingly.

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Welcome back!!

Nah just some landings and a few hours and I should be back on grade 3.

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