I’m about to apply for IFATC, what should I know before applying?

Hey guys, I turn 14 in 6 days and I plan on applying for IFATC the day I turn 14, but before I apply, what should I take note of, what do I need to know? And tips or trick? Any interesting facts? I have already read the ATC manual, and I’ve gotten plenty of practice over the years, over 2.5k operations. But I just wonder if there’s anything important or any “gotchas” that I should be aware of.


Before applying I would recommend that you do the ATC practice test its great revision

Here is the link Introduction - Infinite Flight ATC Practice Test


Hello @Crcoli737. Glad you want to join the team and are getting ready for it.

There are no gotchas. Take a look at the ATC Recruitment post in the frequently asked question:

That will help you.


Good luck on your journey! Happy early birthday!

Everything you need to know before you apply is above this message. :)


@Crcoli737 My best advice to you would be to take your time with your theory and think about the question, and when it comes to your practical don’t panic and try to react quickly with your responses…. I’ve just passed my IFATC practical after 4 attempts I think it was and to start with I used to panic a lot and try to rush to respond to pilot requests and that’s where I started to make mistakes and I’m sure @WesleyHenrich (who was my trainer and is fantastic) will agree when you panic like I did that’s when things start to go wrong.

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them here or in a private DM. Happy early Birthday :)

Jason G

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A few tips and tricks for your tests:

For the written:

  • have a pencil and paper handy to draw out the scenarios. It greatly helps.

  • Slow and steady wins the race. Read slowly, and read each question twice. I’ve had recruits that were super close to passing but misread a question that caused them to fail.

For the practical:

  • Don’t get nervous. That can throw you off. If you’ve had training prior to your practical, treat it as just another training session that you want to ace. Don’t rush, that can cause you to make mistakes.

  • know where everyone in your airspace is at all times.

Best of luck and if you have any questions I’m here!


Honestly I would just study study study study study, and ask as many questions as you want, the IFATC team loves answering questions abt anything ATC related, also take a look at the topic Wesley linked above.

I took the test. Is an 80% passing?

Happy early birthday! I’d love to have you on our team and my inbox is always open if you have questions.

We have a lot of information and resources on our ATC recruiting topic which others have linked above. A few other interesting notes about the initial IFATC experience:

  • Upon passing you’ll join as an ATC Apprentice which means you can control any Class Delta/Charlie airport in the world
  • After a week or so you’ll enter a checkride phase which evaluates your abilities on larger Class Bravo airports
  • Once your checkride is complete you’ll become a fully certified ATC Specialist at which time your first region assignment takes effect
  • You are in total control of your desired region assignment and may transfer every 30 days
  • Activity Requirements: 1 session per 30 days. Removal for inactivity will not occur until 90 days

In the meantime, tap into the resource section of the recruiting topic to ensure success! We’ll see you soon. Good luck!


For the written exam yes, for the practice test that’s a very good score however you would still need to take the written exam.

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Thank you so much Tyler! I’ve seen your ATC tutorials on YouTube and they are very helpful. I hope to be able to join your team!

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Have you applied for ifatc yet?

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Uhh. If I’m not wrong you have to be 14 to apply. So no. But if I can I would instantly.

Oh wait that was a dumb question, you had already stated that you weren’t 14 yet 😅

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Yessss, I just got promoted specialist!!


Yay! I’m happy for you. Also, How long does it normally take to get into the program from pushing the submit button on the application to opening your first session?

Technically if you can pass both theory and pratictal on your first take it would only take a couple of days maybe a week at most

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One more question, how do you determine transition altitude, I think I’ve been told before but I’m not sure exactly what to do.

It really depends. For me, it took less than 24 hours, but for others, its taken much longer. Go at your own pace, learn as much as you can, and feel good about it. Enjoy and best of luck!