I luv this route

This flight took place in a 737-700 for Southwest Airlines on the expert server from KLAX to KSFO

Spawned in and loading up this bird for the short hop from KLAX to KSFO

Departure and climbing to 3000ft where I will accelerate to 245KTs and put flaps up

Just a ground crew member watching the plane he loaded fly off into the sky

Turning inland after departing 24L

Time to B U T T E R


After B U T T E R I N G I pull into the gate and shutoff the engines

I hope you guys liked these photos from the luv airline and bye!


Nice pics :)

I need proof >_>

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Quick before it’s removed for the hud and tool bar


Ha! think you can fool me it says 0v/s


How do I see FPM? I will change it to VS

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Download IFOperations, you can generate flight reports of your IF flights, it also tells you the VS you had at the moment you land


Np its fine lol I believe you

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Idk why it said 0 because I clearly saw it say 10

Picture one: Now that is what I called, “Realistic”.

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I agree