I loved how busy Munich was. Props to the air traffic controllers!

Awaiting for my turn

Other flights awaiting

View from the Boeing 747 cockpit

A lot of A330s today

Airbus planes and an Embraer

Another closer shot of the line up

Lufthansa A350 seconds from touchdown

747 and A320

Spotters’ view


Beautiful pics!


Thank you!

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Great pictures!

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Awesome shots loved all of them I loved how it was very busy too! Huge props to ATC who controlled!

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Thank you!

Hey can you please teach me how to plane spot in IF I can never seam to get the right location or camera Nice pictures by the way

Use the free camera! To go to certain spaces!

I don’t how to control it every time I try to use It I don’t know how

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This should help you how to use the free cam. It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it

@johnsy799 Thanks man

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No problem

Yep! I was their a week ago and it was very chaotic but good.

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Amazing! 🤩

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