I love this game!

I just wanted to say that I love Infinite Flight! I’m posting this because the service here is just so good. Like there is an issue about the scenery and the team immediately gets to work and they even tell you where they are in the process of fixing it. I have never seen this in any other app. I just had to say this! Thanks to all the Infinite Flight developing team!


Best. Sim. Ever.


« If you don’t like Infinite Flight, you’re a really boring person. » That’s what I always say to people at school.


And that’s why I keep coming back to this game. The devs work so hard to stop any issue that is getting reported and it all happens in a matter of hours. Amazing.


There are a lot of apps in the App Store which take a few months for their developers to fix a simple issue. Here it’s just so « normal ». If there’s an issue with your app, fix it! Don’t wait like half a year because by then you’ve already lost half of all your customers.


Best.SIM.Ever, sorry I just couldn’t resist not replying that haha


Another reason that I love this game is the devs ask you what you want in the game. It’s a customer choice, not the developper that decides what they want in their game.

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It’s not a game. It’s life.


I mean it depends on how you look at it lol

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A sim like IF certainly makes the whole “crisis” more bearable. At least infinite flight isn’t cancelled this year and we have time for more adventures (:


I was looking at my screen time and I had over 100 hours last week on that game 😂

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I mean I have 1700hrs but it’s over the span of 2-ish years lol

Oh I was talking just that week 😂

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100% agree to ya! Have a nice day:)

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I love this Game!

I love this sim!


Yeah I know. I probably do 15hr-200hr a week depending on what I have that week. Last week I got around 175hr bc of spring break but this week aint looking too good with school haha

I changed it for you :)


Should have clarified… Lockdown life.

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This simulator is truly awesome. It has completely changed my life over the past year, and it has been a major part of my childhood. From when I bought the base app in 2015, Infinite Flight has fueled my interest in aviation and flight simulation and given me a distraction from the stress of school and daily life. Best of all, the developers listen to the community. I always look forward to flying on IF!

I definitely agree with you, this game holds several things that other apps won’t give. “they tell you where they are in the process of fixing it”. I’ve never seen any other apps do that, they are also quick to a response like I’ve never seen that before. This game has also helped to learn about aviation since I started I didn’t know how to fly an aircraft. Plus one thing for Infinite Flight is the community, I really love the community and if I had to choose a community, I would choose IFC because they are absolutely amazing! IFATC is doing their best they can to give us professionalism, and I would like to thank every single one of them, I’m also in a process of becoming and I can’t wait for my written test on Friday! THANK YOU, developer team, for giving us this masterpiece. Last but not least I can’t wait for 777 I think it’s going to be amazing.