I love the new features

The auto pushback feature where the aircraft stops automatically when near another aircraft in close proximity and resumes once clear…(happens only in some devices)

The wind sounds like the sound one hears on a windy day by the windows. …

The improved jet sounds which gives a more realistic feel when flying past…

And the improved wings and moving parts o the wings in the wind and wing flex…

All witnessed from the MD-11F
Thanks guys…

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The disappearance of the pushback button when the aircraft is in motion (other than the pushback procedure) and reappearance of the button when the aircraft is stationary…

Max range on a full tank without payload from cruise at M0.85 is 14hs with 96% fuel remaining.(FL350)
Max range on a full tank without payload from cruise at M0.90 is 11hs20m with 96% fuel remaining.(FL350)

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The landing are now more smoother and realistic as the aircraft does not just slam on the runway when the spoilers are engaged…(even with APPR on)

The ILS interception has been imbroved from 3800 to new 3000 ft… which is realistic…

Landing aids have been added…

  • Edit 3

The captains seat and the captain’s body move when there’s turbulence…try it by flicking the rudders at cruise using NAV


Haven’t received the update but sounds like a blast. Seems like FDS has done another great job. I’m sure they love your appreciation.


You are still loving it, right? joke

😁well…I do love the jet sounds…;)

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Wha…? Is this in the update?


I’m currently on a test flight… doing the stress tests and range tests etc… But in this first flight…that’s what I’ve seen…I thought it was a bug initially… but trusted to see what would happen as my friend got in my way…once he taxied of…the pushback resumed without me doing anything.

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Can you explain the new feature you are seeing? Not able to reproduce it. What planes were you in?


Yeah I had no idea what he was talking about lol…

Maybe he has a glitch?

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Wow, that’s interesting, can’t wait till try


We already have that, in case you didn’t know.

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I did mention…all findings were from the MD-11F…but more testing needed .😀…sorry my construction was poor as I did it in a hurry through my phone… …I’ve made the statement bold now…


What wind sounds? I honest;y don’t think we already had that


I can’t wait to try them out :)

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Has the terrain map from the previous version been added?

Thank you for the sharing🛬🛫
Can’t wait for the iOS update to land 🤔

If you didn’t update yet… go in Solo, go in cockpit mode, set your volume to full and set your wind to 0 knots. Then listen.

Then set your winds to 100 knots and listen.

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I’m hoping it has been, need it for mountainous apporaches, suchas Innsbruck.

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guys… made some edit foot notes… please check them out

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